Our favourite top 5 #Blues classic #tmf8 #blues friday!

In celebration of our #Blues Friday, here is a pick of some of our favourites,


1. Billie Holiday, always reigns supreme in our hearts, and this is a double bill – the maestro renderring the quintessential classic ‘St. Louis Blues’.

2. One cannot really resist to listen to Louis Armstrong’s version of the same composition, and the pull of his deft artistry

3. Nobody can really deny you the right to sing the blues, the right to feel miserable. Tony Bennett and Bonny Raitt express this blue democracy so effectively, 22.45 minutes into this #bluesy video:

4. Jack TeaGarden doing the Beale Street Blues

5. To leave you on a happier #blue note, here is Blue Skies by the chirpy Ella Fitzgerald

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