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Are you ready for A Monsoon Dinner? Sun 18 Aug #tmf8


Hope you’re ready for festive and season specials at A Monsoon Dinner this Sunday evening!

Here are the event details


Enjoy some videos inspired by some of our menu blockbusters. Batata Vada, Bollywood style:


The coolness of Thandai, soak in it, in the last few days of Sawan:


And taste some spicy Jackfruit curries with us:


Happy #Blues Friday, see you @Blue Frog tonight! #tmf8

blue is the colour of mood…

Event Details

Ameet’s art installation, click on image for FB link,

Our favourite top 5 #Blues classic #tmf8 #blues friday!

In celebration of our #Blues Friday, here is a pick of some of our favourites,


1. Billie Holiday, always reigns supreme in our hearts, and this is a double bill – the maestro renderring the quintessential classic ‘St. Louis Blues’.

2. One cannot really resist to listen to Louis Armstrong’s version of the same composition, and the pull of his deft artistry

3. Nobody can really deny you the right to sing the blues, the right to feel miserable. Tony Bennett and Bonny Raitt express this blue democracy so effectively, 22.45 minutes into this #bluesy video:

4. Jack TeaGarden doing the Beale Street Blues

5. To leave you on a happier #blue note, here is Blue Skies by the chirpy Ella Fitzgerald

Bluminescence @ M-A-D #Blues Night / Fri 16 Aug #TMF8

Bluminescence by Ameet Singh

As part of the M-A-D #Blues Night

Fri 16 Aug, 2013
8.30 pm onwards @ Blue Frog


A prototype sound and light public art installation exploring ‘blue light’ sited in the spillover public space of Blue Frog. Come navigate the projected light passing through the multiple floating screens, reflective mirrors and explore the multiple viewing angles and perspectives.

A generative soundscape composed using Scape (A Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers App for the Ipad) will accompany the installation.
M-A-D #Blues Night also features performances by:

Tshering Theeng (blues acoustic solo)

Me and the Devil (blues acoustic duo)

Big Bang Blues (electric blues band)

Curated by Art Collide

Details of M-A-D Blue Night


Sexy Saree in the Rain! Bollywood Monsoon Part 1 #TMF8

The curators of #tmf8 bring you a celebration of the Monsoon Bollywood!

This episode features the saree-clad sexy siren nayikas of Bollywood, in the sultry rain, from the 1970s-2000s. 


Topping the list, Sridevi in a #blue saree, from “Mr. India”


Tip-tip Barsa Pani, from “Mohra”, a smashing Raveena in the rain!


Going a little further beyond in Bollywood time, the artsy Smita Patil in Namak Halaal is an example of dignity even in the crazy rain:


And leaving you a with little later, 2000s blast from Kajol in Fanaa

Monday #Blues? Worry not, #Blues Friday is near / 16 Aug @ Blue Frog

Bluesy Monday, Friday will bring Blues too! Hope to see you at our #Blues Night at Blue Frog Delhi, 16 August –


Here is some music from Big Bang Blues, our headlining act for the #Blues Night:


Me and the Devil, an accoustic jazz duo also performs at the night:


And Tsheering Theeng, will also weave some blues magic,

Be there! Be #Blue!

M-A-D Blues Night / Friday 16 Aug @ Blue Frog Delhi

M-A-D #Blues Night

Music, Art and Design, All Blue


Music Curator: Pankaj Mullick (Art Collide)

Event Partner: Blue Frog


Join the event on facebook 


Date / Time

Fri 16 August, 2013 // 9 pm onwards



Blue Frog / The Kila

Seven Style Mill Compound, Opposite the Qutub Minar

Mehrauli  New Delhi


Registration Details

  • Cover charge:  Rs. 500/- per person. (fully redeemable cover charge)



M-A-D #Blues Night, presents the triumvirate of Music, Art and Design to celebrate #BLUE, a prominent theme of The Monsoon Festival 8. In association with Blue Frog, we present this unique concept evening.

Music – Blue is the colour of mood and the Blues tell it nicely… Three acts – Tshering Theeng, Me and the Devil, and the Big Bang Blues – all Delhi based Blues people, come together at this M-A-D #Blues Night to evoke the many monsoony emotions crafted in the form of Blues. Excitement, longing, passion and love….

Tshering Theeng – blues acoustic solo/ Tshering, who goes by the name Pen Cap Chew, is a singer/songwriter influenced by The Doors, Bob Dylan and blues chords. A native of Sikkim, Theeng is breaking on to the Delhi music scene with a wide variety of originals and covers in his repertoire.

Me and the Devil – blues acoustic duo / Me and the Devil is a duo comprising Kapil Chetri and Sushant Thakur. Heavily influenced by the Delta Blues, they are working to revive blues listening as it was before it went to Chicago and got electrified – the woes of the enslaved soul and all the storminess of such an existence resonates through Kapil’s steel guitar and harmonica, bringing out the true ethos of the blues.

Big Bang Blues – electric blues band / The Big Bang Blues is a name that has become synonymous with the young sound of upbeat blues throughout the music community across India. Famously part of the Mahindra Blues Festival earlier this year, the band has evolved over the four years since they launched themselves, adding many originals to their large cache of covers.

Art – Digital Blue Monsoon Experiences by Ameet Singh. Ameet Singh, returns to the Monsoon Festival with monsoon love created digitally, to soak you in a blue world with his poetic projections.

Design – A sneak preview from our Design Mela collections – a mini blue flea market! Shop for mad B-L-U-E jewellery, fashion, products, accessories, furniture & more…

Images (click to enlarge)

Me and the Devil – Blues Acoustic Duo

Me and The Devil – Blues Acoustic Duo

Tshering Theeng – Blues Acoustic Solo

Big Bang Blues – Electric Blues Band

Big Bang Blues – Electric Blues Band

Ameet Singh – Site specific installations

Shop for blue design, apparel, accessories, home products & more…